Thursday, August 10, 2006

Me and my Silver Demon

Howdy. Ok so this is not my best picture, but this a dream for me. Me with a demon of my very own. I can't tell ya'll how excited and thrilled I was at this moment. Something I had been dreaming of for close to 18 years since I first discovered GW and the Golden Demons. I can hardly explain because what I had always hoped for was the chance to go and see, and yet here I am with one of my very owm.

Things have been a little busy since I got back from Chicago, but at least they are moving along. Gotta finish the bloodthirster for my friend and I have started an Empire Army for WHFB.

I also need to get my Warmaster skaven painted up and last but not least, I need to finish up a bunch of figures for the Miniatures page. SO FAR BEHIND AND SO LITTLE TIME.

In any event, I am slowly getting caught up and getting things done. Also, school and family events are reving up again and my garage is in dire need a major cleaning.

I will post pictures of my initial highlander theme empire army soon.

Tahnks and take care

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