Thursday, April 30, 2009

End of April

I am finally managing to keep up with my projects. One of them is to paint up some Leman Russ' tanks for a friend of mine. I am very far behind on this but I am almost done. he wanted something simple for his Valhallan IG army so I came up with a simple urban paint scheme that I think looks pretty good.

Anyhoo, I have a few pictures of the command tank for ya to look at. I am hopeful to get a picture of the complete 10 tank company, as well as the 2 baneblades I have been working on for him as well.
I am rather pleased with how they turned out. Simple, but with a few nice little details. For the command tank I painted a simple HQ skull on the top hatch of the turret and wrote in "valhalla" on both sides. On each tank I painted a Armored fist with the # 257, which is my friends old army unit and I used WW2 style US army tank designations on the back of each turret to identify each tank, squadron, unit and so on. Overall it looks pretty good.
Hope ya'll like it!
I have also started up again on my Silver Skulls army over on Bolter & Chainsword. Hopefully I will hear some good comments on them. I will post some pictures here shortly.

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