Friday, March 02, 2012

Angels falling from the heavens


So my buddy Honda and I are talking about doing a Decent of Angels list for doubles at Wargamescon this year for the Doubles tournament.

For my part, I intend to run a Dante list with 2 units of Sanguinary guard, 2 priest and a librarian. A whooping grand total of 14 models.

My buddy Honda is thinking about :
Libby, Jump Pack, Infernus Pistol, with Blood Rage and Sword of Sanguinius
Chaplain, Jump Pack, Infernus Pistol

Sanguinary Priest, Jump Pack, Infernus Pistol, Power Weapon, Melta Bomb
Sanguinary Priest, Jump Pack, Infernus Pistol, Power Weapon, Melta Bomb

RAS x10, Power Fist, Infernus Pistol, x2 Meltaguns
RAS x10, Power Fist, Infernus Pistol, x2 Meltaguns

copied from BNC.

Yes I am fully aware this is a very low model count and we will likely get blown out of the sky.

However, that is really not the point. There a couple of good matchups we could totally exploit and in hand to hand I think we are going to be pretty devastating. But more importantly is the army will look great. With so few models, I can focus on the painting side of them, which is a big part of my I am in wargaming.

I however, an not a huge Blood Angles fan. I've always been a Dark Angels guy at heart, and then Mannus and Dorn, with the great Khan as another I am fond of. So how do I reconcile doing a chapter that has never really appealled to me....

What came to mind were two ways to go, I could to the Flesh Eaters, a BS successor and 3rd founding, or I could do them as Crimson Guard, who are a Crimson Fist Successor, but are red and gold armor.

I think either way could be good, and in the short term it doesn't really matter much since I am fielding Sanguinary Guard, but the painter fluff bunny inside me is screaming in protest for direction. So I have these 2 boxes of guard and no motivation to even clip them off the sprue yet.

Any thoughts?? I would still like to be competitive, as much as I can be with an all jumper list.

I'm going to blog my progress on these over the next few months until the big day.


albina N muro said...

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Barbara Haropolous said...

Hey Dread Pirate, do you own this angel picture?