Thursday, September 29, 2011

True Love? True Blood/? No, its Trueborn


Its been crazy busy, but still a I have updates. Everyone loves updates. Up for review is one of my 2 Dark Eldar Trueborn units.

One of the big issues I think all Dark Eldar players have had is what to use as trueborn. Some use the bubble heads, others have used the Incubi heads and others have used different combinations of cloaks, Dark Elf corsiar heads, banners etc...

I wanted to do something a little bit different, so I went with the obvious, I used the Dark Eldar heads from the warriors and wyches box sets. Not very creative or revolutionary I know, but the sculpts are simply amazing and are among the best heads I think GW has every made.

Also, I am really not too keen on payinp upwards of $10 for a blaster bit, so what I did was re-purpose some splinter rifles with the blaster bits from my Reaver jet bikes. I also used sections of the blast pistols in the boxes. I'm actually much happier with the reaver jetbike conversion that the blast pistol. its much easier to do and looks like it fits better, but since I need 12 models with blasters just for my trueborn, and then another 6 at least for my Warriors, I wasn't going to be too picky.

Anyhoo, I broke the first 2 units into male and female units. First unit is the males.

I still need to the bases, but those are on the agenda this weekend along with finishing out 2 of my venoms. I actually have high hopes to get a fair amount of final details done this weekend and start making much better progress on my projects.

Comments and critiques are always welcome.


eldaraddict said...

I like the lighter color. Your trueborn eyes look great. Eyes are always my nemesis. Any tips? Very nice

Vitor said...

Fantastic, i love teh way you do the yellow / brown armour!!

Honda said...

Awesome as usual and your faces look very life-like. I'm looking forward to seeing this army all painted and all on the table...even if I have to bear brunt of it's wrath.

Colonel Shofer said...

Lovely, have you done any face painting tutorials (in particular) please?


Mondel "GAR" Garcia said...

Well thank you all very much.

@ Eldaraddcit. No real tips for eyes, its just something I kinda do. I guess I am a little weird in that eyes have never really been a issue for me, but I will put together a tutorial on how I paint them. One of the things I do do for eyes or any other fine detail is I brace my arms and hands against the edge of my paint desk and against each other to keep them steady. Its not so much like being chained to to unable to move, but making sure my arms and hands, if they move, they all move together. I have some pictures taken so it makes more sense.

BTW, I love your blog.

thanks man. I'm also digging what have going on over at your blog as well.

I will gladly let your custodes "share the pain" on the game table. :)

@ Colonel Shofer.
I will work up an article on painting faces. I write articles for BOLS fairly regular and a faces tutorial would be something pretty well received I think. It will of course also be posted here.
BTW, I also love your blog as well, I was flattered to see my purple banshee "made the cut".

Thanks all