Sunday, December 04, 2005

So I like elves

Howdy all. It's been a crazy week with work and pulling a lot of long hours. That really is one of the major downsides to working a salary job. I like my work and it pays well and most of the time I have a pretty good time figuring things out. Of course there is the usualy stress when things don't go the way I would like, but it is what it is.

Anyhoo, I have done very little this last week, but what I did do is finish I think my Woodelf Noble in Traveling clothes. I am not sure she is done, I look at her a lot to see if something is missing. Usually when I do that I think it needs something more, but I am not sure what it needs. I was thinking a tree of some sort, but that would be really akward to pull off.

So here is the initial figure for you to review before much of anything has been done.

I know I haven't really done a good job of sticking to my projects, but I do get easily distracted when people wave painting contests in front of me, and we have had a few of late around here. I promise to get back to what I had planned, but for now ya'll will have to settle for my rambling method. However, I do fully admit this is why I have a lot of projects half way done and almost none finished. Oh well, at least I am happy with what I am working on. :)

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Arwen from Lord of the Rings

So here she is. I am rather fond of this figure and it took best overall in a local painting contest this past weekend. I was really quite pleased with the way she turned out. This Arwen figure is one of those that just screams to be painted, so when I saw it last Wednseday, I bought it and went home and got it ready for the contest. After two days of hard effort, this is what I have to show for it. I mst admit this figure, despite the amount of time I out into it, was really a joy to work on.

I feel that the latest batch of LOTR figures GW is producing is among the best they have done in a long time. Some of the early figures I felt were a bit lacking, but this is one is really something special.