Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Happy Wednesday !


So I continue my progress on my DE. I am also adding more interesting blogs that I keep track of.

Also, the house is a wreck. The family is vacationing and I am still here trying to get the honey do's done. Hmmm, so far so good. Still I think I can have most of the mess cleaned up by Friday.

Back on topic. My DE are Dune inspired. I like the Dune books, I'm not a fanatic over them, but they are good and the movies made about them were also I thought, pretty darn good. That being said I went with a basic desert color scheme. Nothing to over the top.

Here is the basic scheme. The first picture is kind of bad. I am still experimenting with exposure and light types and I think I have it nearly figured out as most of my pictures are getting better results.

Anyhoo, overall I am liking what I have here and I am working to get all my DE done before the end of the year. its a tall order, but I think with steady progress I can have it all complete.

The basic colors are for the armor are GW Tausept Ochre. I then shade with GW Orgyn Flesh. I don't really use the wash much other than to help set the tone for the undercoat. Next is a wet blend mix of I kore's Earth color, which is a nice dark red brown color, similar to a mix of GW Scorched Brown and Dark flesh, and Tau sept Ochre. The final highlight is I Kore Meridian Sand. There is no real GW equivalent, but it would a mix of Bubonic Brown and Bleach bone and Skull white.

You could also use Vallejo Pale Sand, the problem here is that Pale sand has low saturation and does not pop very much when compared to the GW colors, or I should say as the final highlight it is less vibrant than the colors it is trying to highlight.

The Helmet is bleached bone, washed with GW Orgyn Flesh and then shaded with very thinned down I Kore Earth. Next the helmet bleached bone is mixed with P3 Moldy Ochre to get a yellowish tone, then is highlighted with skull white.

The weapons are done with Snakebite Leather shaded withe badaab Black and highlighted by adding Moldy Ochre to the Snakebite leather.

All in all it takes about 3 hours per figure. What's weird is I have not hit a burnout yet. I really enjoy painting this army, the more I do , the more I want to work on. I forgot who said it, but this really is a painters army. it is dynamic, has lots of interesting details and just plain looks cool as all get out when it is done.

Here is one of my venom WIPS
These little things are a absolute blast to play with. They zip around, shot lots of shots and just plain look really cool. I love these! As you can tell, they paint up very nicely and look good pretty much no matter what you do with them. GW has done its part to release some really ugly or lack luster models over the years, but these have got to be one of the best kits they have ever made. Good job design team!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Howdy all.

Not much happening this week. Lots of things to catch up one and finish up. I have a Valkiya model I am converting over finally for a friend and a Kugath that needs finishing up.

I was listening to some music and talking to a few friends about what kind of music would be good for our armies. Since I am currently playing dark eldar, one of my favorite bands came to mind.

Five Finger Death Punch. Its hard and to the point.

I like this song soI figured I'd share.

More later as my weekend progress's.

Monday, July 11, 2011

So where have I been


Sorry for the lack of posts, but with football season rolling into championships and me getting things in life in order I have not had a lot of free time.

I know it only takes a few minutes to post something, but... well I am not to good of late on posting.

Anyhoo, that being said, I have been working hard to get my Dark Eldar painted in time for Wargamescon in Austin. As it was, I still had to proxy 3 figures and 2 guys did'nt have heads. I will take some good pictures of my guys later for ya'll to take a look at.

For the weekend I ran my 2000 paint "Black Halo" list. It still needs a few tweaks to get it clicking everytime all the time, but what I ran was

a succubus with agonizer and haywire grenades
2 haemonculi with liquifier guns

2 units of 4 trueborn with blasters and in a venom with dual splinter cannons and night shields

2 units of 5  warriors with a blasters in a venom with dual splinter cannons and night shields
2 units of 5  warriors with a shredder in a venom with dual splinter cannons and night shields

1 unit of 8 wyches with a hekatrix with an agonizer and haywire grenades in a raider with flicker field and shock prow

1 unit of 7 bloodbrides with a syren with an agonizer and haywire grenades in a raider with flicker field and shock prow

1 unit of 5 scourges with 2 haywire blasters

3 ravagers with flicker fields.

overall I went 3 & 1 day one and missed the top bracket by 2 points, next day I went 2 and 1.

I am pleased with how everything went for the most part, but I am thinking I need something more and I will be experimenting with my army over the next few months to get it where I want it to be.

Its good to be back home though and I am glad I have a couple days of vacation to rest and recover.

Oh, and I almost forgot, I won best single in the Sci-fi category of the paintging contest. Nice to get top honors in the toughest contest category. Thanks all.