Wednesday, November 08, 2006

New Directions

Howdy. I have to admit I have been in a bit of a rut of late. Caught a nasty bought of brochitis and was laid out for 2 weeks. Add on top of that a lack of motivation to accomplish things. I was on and still am on a real high from Chicago, but lots of things have stimied my attempts to get anything going with any seriousness. Is seriousness even a word?? Oh well, ya'll know what I mean.

So as I layin down in the depths of illness misery it came to me. Diversity is the way to go. I often look at minis I like to paint with the intent sell them. But as I look at a lot f what I have, I am not sure whether or not they are marketable. Sometimes things do very well when put up for auction, and sometimes, not so well. But the thing that ocured to me is I do historical minis very well, and none of those have ever done badly, plus they are a pleasant change of technique and style from the more common Sci-fi fantasy types most tend to see.

So with that in mind, and my desire to begin playing Flames of War in earnest, I am going to be painting lots of historical minis for sale and personal use as well as the fantasy and sci fi figures I am also very fond of.

Add to that I finally have venue to try and form a painting group here in town and things have been on an upswing last couple of days.

For your viewing pleasure, I have posted my lastest 15mm project. Waffen SS in Autumn camo smocks. These guys are almost done, all I really need to do is finish up the command section and an objective and then they are ebay bound.

What I am not going to sell are my British commandos. I will post some pictures of them in the next day or two, just ya'll can see what I have. On the workbench is a unit of German Machine guns and Brit machinguns as well as my long awaited Eldar army.

I am also almost done with the Bloodthirster I am doing for a friend, almost a year to finish it, and then I have a project long overdue for the Miniatures page. Those will be worked in and completed before the end of the year if all goes well. I got a lot of catching up to do, but slowly I will get it all done.

Anyhoo, comments are always welcome, and if you have any ideas for Historical units you would like to see done, let me know, I am not too discrimantory, but the end is to try and sell most of them. Although if I like them enough I will certainly exercise my right to keep them for myself.