Saturday, January 14, 2006

Boy, have I been busy

So Howdy. Man, what a long holiday season it was for me. I started playing Final Fantasy Online again and have been having a blast doing it. Also, I have been trying to get a lot of paintig done and out of the way. Little progress has been done on my Brits, but I have finisged up my Russian Arty.

I also got my Alpha Paintig Contest Mini finished. I am in the final round and hopefully I can make a good showing.

Been playing around with the forum as well.Got a nifty header/banner logo or whatever it is called and I think it is rather spiffy.

I loaded my "desk top shot of the week". It is a concept got from Mr. Jacob Rune Nielson. I don't know if he knows I borrowed his idea, but I like it. I hope, or I should say it is my intent, to post a desk top shot of the week here every week. It will help me keep track of what I have been working and doing.

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