Thursday, August 31, 2006

2 versions of red and gold

Howdy. Over the last week or so I have been working on a number of things. One if my Vostroyaans Imperial Guard and the other is my Epic scale Space Marines, the Crimson Guard. Both are using red and gold, although in the case of the epic scale it is more of a yellow gold color thana true metallic as on the vostroyaans.

On my vostroyaans I used a base color of vallejo brass and then washed with GW brown ink. Actually a couple of washes to add depth and definition to the metallic. Once dry I painted with Vallejo Glorious gold and then washed again with GW chestnut ink and picked out the highlights with more Glorious gold and finally highlighted with Vallejo Model Gold. Overall I am pleased with the results as the golds have a rich deep color and a bit of a warm reddish hue.

The epic scale guys are based with GW Vomit brown, washed with a light wash of GW brown ink and then ther details picked out with GW Golden Yellow. They are nice and bright and should look really good on a nice green flocked base once complete.

Next thing I am working on is my Mortal Chaos army and I should have a few pictures up in a few days.

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