Sunday, November 04, 2007

Some Shermans!

Howdy. So anyway I am on the recovering end of a very long year of very serious illness. Needless to say I an glad to still be around and I owe it all to my Lord God looking favorably on me and the tireless devotion of my wife. Good things come sometimes when you least expect itor deserve it. That being said, I am very flattered and touched from the good wishes from my friends, family and people I don't know nor have ever met.

But enough about me, and onto more lighthearted topics. I recently accepted some work from a gentleman who liked some Sherman tanks I did a while back and asked if I would do some for him as well. I normally don't do commission work anymore, but I was wanting to paint up some more tanks anyway so it was not something that would put me out.

What I mean by put me out out is not that I don't want to paint things for people, but you get to a point where it becomes less fun and more work and you are not motiviated to paint the figures. Then there is no passion for what you are doing. Whenever this ceases to be fun for me, that means it is time to do other things. My hobby should always be something I enjoy, and if I can pick up some work along the way that looks fun or challenging, so much the better.

Hope this all makes sense. I never want my painting hobby to become a chore, and have more than several times refered people to other painters because they wanted me to do something I really was not inclined to do.

Anyhoo I have some work ing progress shots of these tanks. I was really intrigued by the regiment and its history. These tanks are from the 66th Armored regiment, the " Iron Knights". They used to camoflague their tanks and the regiment is still around today. I primed in black and gaver a base coat of GW Catachan Green mixed with black as a base coat then added another coat of pure catachan green. The Camo was a mix of Vallejo Mahogony Brown mixed with black and the a second coat of pure Mahogony Brown as the base. Camo netting/foliage is green stuff. I used a mix of browns, greens, greys and some black for the netting. Any combination of those colors should yield the same results. Just gotta pay attention to where the colors are so the browns and greens are still apparent.
Next I need to do the highlights, add the dirt and grit to the tracks and some weathering all the tanks. I still have some slogans and unit markings to add and just a little bit of "bling" to make these little beauties stand out. I am really enjoying working on these tanks. Its a nice refreshing change from plain dark green all over everything. Hopefully I will have them done in the next week or two. I have a business trip out of time for a week and I don't know that I will be able to do anything till next Saturday.
As always, C&C welcome. I'd love to hear your thoughts! Take care out there.

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