Sunday, December 02, 2007

Third Time's the Charm!

OK so Howdy. I am finished with the Sherman commission I have. My Client has made his last detail requests and I think I have it now. All that remains is to make sure all is as it should be and then box 'em up and mail them off.

It seems I have had more than a couple people ask me to do whole armies for them. While I don't mind doing whole armies, I do my best work on small units, one at a time. I tend tio get burned out doing the same thing over and over again so I try to keep it fresh and different. Keeps the creative juices flowin'.

So if you have a figure or small unit I might be able to help you, if it is something that interests me. If you have a large number of figures or whole armies, there are a large number of very good painters/ paintshops that would be a better way for you to go.

Not that I don't appreciate the request. I am flattered you guys think I am all that. However, I feel it is better if we both get what we want and come out happier for it on the otherside.

So feel free to make a query, ya never know.

On to more inportant things. I hope you guys out there like what I have done with these tanks. They were a lot of fun to do. My next commission is a US hellcat platoon and after that a dear friend of mine asked me to take my airbrush and paint his Leman Russ tanks for him. Since I will be assembling and painting 8 of my own, Its not a big deal to do a few more. I hope to get a lot of things done around the holidays and start some of my golden demon projects for the summer shows. I know it "seems" really early, but to be competitive and get that much sought after Slayer sword, it takes a huge amount of time and attention to detail, so I don't want to feel rushed. Slow and steady wins the race, or something like that.

Another catchy phrase is " I guess I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue", but that's just a silly line from one of my favorite movies. :)

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