Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tax Day

Hmm. Taxday today. Lots of interesting things going on in the world. Pirates, presidents, terrorists and maybe some really good summer movies coming out soon.

Anyhoo, life is messy and I have been busy with life and all that goes with it, so little time for updates. But I have made a little progress on some things here and there.

All of my kids are involved in sports. I have been busy with that since the fall. My wife has still not recovered from her illness, its a weird vestibular problem so she gets vertigo real bad sometimes.

I have mostly finished a huge project in the front yard. Just got to finish up some edging and it will be done for the year.

I am hopeful to go to gamesday this year. It is not looking like it will happen, schedule issues making a nuisence of themselves, but I have my fingers crossed.

So anyhoo, the picture is a howling banshee that I entered in Gamesday la last year. It was close to placing the judges said, but for a small gap under the foot and a kind of awkward pose. Still I am quite happy with how she turned out.

I am almost done on the leman russ project, that one is way overdue to get done.

The tiger platoon is still waiting to see some time. Everytime I sit down to work on them, something comes up. I think I am just going to have to settle for little opportunites as the present themselves. No airbrush work as I rarely have time to get my set up going before I have to stop and address something else. Also, I had to change internet providers so I have to do some digging to recover my clients email. I do not know if he still wants the tigers or not, but I will give him first crack at them as they were for him, and if not I will put them up on ebay.
I will also be putting up some US Flames of War stuff I have for sale. I have had these figures for a little over 2 years and they have never even been out of the box. Time to go if you ask me.

Crimson Guard are still on the shelf. No work or progress there, although I have worked up some Silver skulls Space marines while I have been away from home for work. The lighting in hotels is horrible for any serious painting work, but it is decent enough for metallics. So I have got some of them finished. Overall I think they look pretty good.

WorldEaters are collecting dust. Sigh...

The panzer division recieved some color along with the Tigers for Wittmann. Sadly not much else. But that is better than collecting dust.
Anyhoo, this week I will be getting started on Wittmann's platoon as well as a painting project for The Miniatures page.

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