Friday, August 06, 2010

A Small Divergence for a Big Gun


Normally I would talk about my painting projects and models I am working on. However, I feel I need to stick up for one of my most favorite toys in my gaming arsenal. That is the modest Thunderfire Cannon.

As an engineer in real life, the fact that it is manned by a techmarine is already a plus. Us geeky guys need to stick together.

While most of the game guru's will tell you that it is a piece of junk and not worth its points allow me to completely disagree.

What we have for 100 pts is an artillery piece that can fire 4 templates up to 60 inches. It has 3 types of ammunition, each of which has advantages and disadvantages.

The first type is Strength 6 and has an AP of 5. Good standard marine or anything else killer.

Second type is Strength 5 with an AP of 6 but has the added benefit of negating cover saves. Good bye bugs and IG and good riddence.

The last type is a strength 4 with no AP. However, anything hit is treated as if it was indifficult terrain in the subsequent movement phase, which can be very handy at the right time in messing up your opponents plans to manuever or to cause vehicles trouble.

All in all it is a very versatile weapon and if you look at the opportunities to capitalize you fire it can be extremely devastating. I will throw out example number 1 and my most favorite. Troops disembarking or being caught in an exploding vehicle.

Infantry bunched up together is where this gun really shines. This past weekend at at GT tourney in Austin, in almost every game a rhino or similar transport was blown up. Troops stuck in a tight formation. One in particular was a unit of Grey Hunters with Ulrik in it. Now this was far from average, but in one volley I was able to wrack up 38 hits, inflicting 34 wounds. Suffice to say, a large unit was reduced to 1 model with 1 wound.

Anyhoo, I love my Thundefire Cannon and stick firmly to the mantra if 1 is good, 2 are even better.


Death 0F Angels said...

Thuderfire cannons can definatly be devastating. I think its their low ap and the chance of scatter that turns people off. Marine players often seem more about the sure thing then taking a chance.

VENNgeance said...

Hi GAR. I just saw your REd article on BoLS, awesome stuff and very helpful as I am about to embark on a Blood Angels project. I came to your blog and discovered you were responsible for those amazing Eldar I've seen (the council of the...??), and I have to say your blending technique is amazing!!! PLEEEEEEEAAAASSSEEEE could you do a tutorial on blending!!?? Showing stage by stage photo's of each layer as opposed to first layer then finished photo so many guides do, so that we can see the progress each layer contributes... Hope to see more of your article on BoLS. Take care.