Friday, October 01, 2010

Go Power Ranger GO

Howdy. I did this guy up for a Bell of Lost Souls article on painting yellow. I am rather happy with how it turned out. I am thinking of building a small Imperial Fist force based on Mk 5 Power armor.

Anyhoo, something to look at.

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max said...

hi mate i like the paint job here is a couple of pics of my fists :)
i have 5 company of fists but so far only one painted lol big job and yellow lol hard to hide anything :) anyway cheers from aussie

hope these pic work

/media/ACER/Documents and Settings/Acer/Pictures/2010-07-18/368.jpg
/media/ACER/Documents and Settings/Acer/Pictures/2010-07-18/369.jpg
/media/ACER/Documents and Settings/Acer/Pictures/2010-07-18/370.jpg
/media/ACER/Documents and Settings/Acer/Pictures/2010-07-18/371.jpg