Tuesday, August 02, 2011

The Dog Days of Summer....

Howdy, I don't know about you guys, but it is really hot. I mean just sit in the shade and melt hot. Fortunately, the heat has kept me inside and I have been making a little more progress on my Dune inspired Dark Eldar.

One of the things I have developed a real attachment to are venoms. I tell ya, these have got to be the best little transport in the game of 40k ever. They look great, assembled very easily and the rules for them are very well done.

I have been working on one little by little getting some of the colors worked out and adding the black halo to them. The one I have been finalizing is not completely done yet, but it is coming along rather nicely.

There is still quite a bit to do to get this done.Crewmen need to be worked on as do the weapons. The shading needs to be added to a number of areas and the transport section in the back is in dire need of shading and detailwork. But all in all I am rather pleased.

I am confident a few are wondering where I got the name of the Black Halo from, since this is a Dune inspired theme. One of the bands I like a lot is Kamelot. Its a gothic heavy metal band and they did a 2 part concept album/cd or whatever the kids call it nowadays. Download?? Anyhoo, their second album is named The Black Halo and the first song is The March of Mephisto, which if you go to see the video is just dark and sinister in the feel.

Trying to include the march of Mephisto in the theme was going to be a stretch, but the black halo, on my desert background, totally works! For me at least. That and I am a stickler for doing alternative paint schemes on everything. I think if I did Ultramarines I would paint them white or something different.

The other things I am working on are a Valkya conversion which is halfway done. I have the body set up, but I need to add the wings, spear , shield and make the slight body and armor conversions.

Also I am working on a Kugath conversion that is so long overdue its not even funny. Not in the least bit.

It took me the better part of 3 weeks to get this far on the conversions. I have a few more to add and tidy things up and then it is ready for paint. So my end of summer and fall are going to be busy getting all of these things done.

That and I am going to start painting and selling some of my less used or not used armies and figures again. Lots of things I just don't use or have not used in many years are going up for sale. I'm not sure if I will ebay them or try to sell them here. Ebay is getting kind of silly with their fees, but it is a worldwide audience so.... Anyway, stay tuned, there is a lot of things going to be happening here. WOOT!


Rdw said...

I really dig the black halo on the side of the venom. Stands out very well against your desert scheme and really makes the model pop. Are these going to appear on both sides of the vehicle, or just the one?

Anonymous said...

There will only be one halo on this one. My plan is for each one to be custom design. Same halo, different sizes and locations.

All in all I have 9 venoms, 4 raiders, 3 ravagers and a razorwing jetfighter. I think I would lose my mind trying to make them look the same or near the same. I'm going to stick with theme and not uniformity.


Vitor said...

I really like your idea of a Dune theme, so far this venom looks amazing!

Slider Da Feral said...

I have to hand it to you... you've found a way to make Dark Eldar interesting.

-- someone you've not seen in over 10 years who's assembling an Angry Marines army

GAR said...


I am trying to keep everything interesting, but not too much. Life is treating me good down in Houston. How are you?