Sunday, December 23, 2012

Desert Afrika Korps

Howdy. I would like to present my Desert Afrika Korps.

 So with a Flames of War Escalation League coming to a close, I have finally managed to get an army completed. What typically happens is I get an army near to completion and some one makes an offer to buy it that is too good to pass up.

That has not been the case here, and I am actually quite happy to have an army done to completion. There are other aspects that I intend to add, but for now I have a force I can put on the table at a moments notice. Hooray!!

Here they are and ready for review. Feel free to chime in and comment.

1675 Afrika Tank Company

Company HQ, Rettimeyer and Panzer IV F2


DAK Light Artillery Battery

Arty Command and Forward Observers

My Custom Staff Team

Another view of the Staff team

Platoon of Panzer III J Lates

Another view of the Panzer III J Lates

Panzer III M

One thing I am really liking is the Aerial Identifcation Flags on the tops of the turrets. Its a nice contrast to all the sand and Khaki

A platoon of Schutzen

So there it is. I have several other projects going on right now, and would be doing much better of I could shake this cold I have, but I am off for the next couple of weeks and hopefully can get some progress on a couple of things.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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