Tuesday, May 16, 2006

And off to Games Day Chicago I go

Howdy. Well in case anyone missed me, clearly I have been away for a long long while. Work has had me very busy and I have pretty much dropped off the face of the earth on anything not related to work, but fortunately these things don't last forever and I am happy to have a little breathing room again.

I have had a wonderful year so far though. Life is good, marriage is good, kids are good. its all good. I also finally after all these years of dreaming, I have finally gotten my ticket to a Games Workshop Gamesday. The one I will be going to is in Chicago end of July. I am really excited about this. I have a few figures already stared for the Golden Demon painting contest and I am also working on my army for the Grand Tournament.

I hope to post some more of my ideas and maybe, just maybe a few pictures of my entries shortly before the actual contest.

I don't know exactly how to go about painting and/or converting some of my figures, but I do have some in mind and if all goes well, I will have them all done in time.

In the meantime, here is a finished figure I did. I think she turned out rather well.


Anonymous said...

Nice paint job. Especially the shadows. What figure range is she from?

Mondel "GAR" Garcia said...

Howdy. The Figure is a wood elf Noble in traveling clothes from the Thunderbolt Mountain Elf range. its a really nice figure and is a true 25mm figure. One thing that really impressed me with this one is just how true to scale and delicate looking it is.

Thanks for the comments!