Saturday, July 08, 2006

Working on More entries for GamesDay Chicago

Howdy. I have been steadily working on my figures and conversions for Gamesday. In this I have learned a lot about conversions and sculpting. One of my figures is the most ambitious project I have ever attempted and he is complete. But you will have to wait until before Gamesday to see him. Sorry, don't need someone borrowing my idea for their own use. I'm selfish like that. But once it get closer to the actual competiton I will be ore than happy to post him for ya'll to look over.

But in the mean time I have a picture of my Howling banshee Exarch conversion. I always hated the sculpt for this figure so I borrowed some bits and body parts and improved upon it greatly in my own honest opinion. To me it seems to have a much improved dynamic to it instead of the lame big girl with a pointy stick that is in the current line.

On another note. my youngest Daughter turned 1 yr old a week ago and we are all very happy about that. Now if would just stop kicking our co-depenant anxiety ridden dog life would be perfect. Ahh, well perfect is boring, nothing unexpected ever happens.

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