Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Iron Hands

Howdy. I dug out a small squad of Iron Hands I did several years ago. This is the basic paint scheme I have in mind. I won't use to much of the bionics from GW, but I will modify most of mine to maintain the improvements they make for themselves.

I really like the gear pattern I have all over and want to continue it as this army progresses. I am at this point, hoping they will be done and ready to go by BOLScon end of summer. This may seem like a ton of time, but I have 4 children, all of who play football year round and I coach them, so I spend a fair amount of my time on a field somewhere here in Houston.  Its all good, just takes away from toy soldier time is all.

I also have my dark eldar, which I am going to be working on little by little as well, and my Empire army and some FOW and Warmachine. And..And..And...

I know, its a lot, but since I don't really have any deadlines other than those I make for myself, it will all get done when it gets done. :)


Death 0F Angels said...

Looking good. I like the gear patterns, especially around the legs.

Mondel "GAR" Garcia said...

I am trying to work them in a bit more than they are shown here. I have in mind a slight change to the way the armor looks, but I am not sure just yet if it will be too much to do or not. Won't know till I give it a shot. Hopefully this weekend I can get something workable.

Vitor said...

Very nice Iron Hands, the freehand shoulder pads are pretty good. I did some a while back and they dont look as good as yours. Came across your site via the Faeit new blog plug. Mine is if you want to have a look and be placed on my exchange?