Thursday, February 24, 2011

Updates from the front

Howdy. Its been busy since last time I posted.

So where are we. I have assembled a Rhino for my Imperial Paladins Space marines, which look a lot like Black Templars. Chapter symbol is almost the same, but has a skull in the center of the cross. Along with this I have recycled 20 marines I picked up a few years ago, cleaned them and they are waiting for priming.

I have assembled 15 Iron Hands marines. There is a bitmore work involved with these guys so they go a little slower. One of the things I want to do with them is remove all imperial aquilas ( chest eagles or wings) from them. I like them to still be bitter towards the emporers children and shun things that remind them of their most hated brothers. I know fluff or otherwise mentions nothing about this, but its my army. :)

Another thing I have done is begin to work on some Flames of War models. One of the things I hate most about FOW is the barrels of the tanks always seem to get bent, then the paint flakes off, or the barrel just falls off because the glue does ot have enough strength to hold it in place. Pinning does'nt really work well either, so I came up with a neat alternative. I replace the entire barrel with brass tubing. its much stronger, and making the barrel a little longer I can pin the bareel into the turret and get a strong solid fix for one of my buga-boos.


kayjay said...

Hi, been replaceing cast barrels on tanks for years. Problem with 75mm SHerman is you loose the flare as teh guns gets thicker back toward the mantle. And how you plan to deal with the firefly ?

Anonymous said...

The flare is a bit of an issue, but since it is brass I have filed down the end of the barrel so that it looks slightly tapered. its not exactly perfect, but at the scale it doesn't really have to be. I'm not a absolute purist about it the details so in general close enough is good enough for me.

For the Firefly, its interesting you mention that because I have the same issue with a lot of the later German tanks as well. My solution is to take a very thin piece of paperclip, drill out the muzzle and then pin the muzzle to the barrel. It does take a bit of effort to file both ends smooth, but it looks pretty good when it is all said and done.