Sunday, October 30, 2011

Something wicked this way comes! Oh My...

Howdy all.

It almost Halloween and I have been busy with many projects that are keeping me away from my painting desk, but I do have one little item I did when it came out last year and this is one bad samma jamma.

A Skaven Hellpit Abomination. Now first off let me say I think the original pose is pretty good, but they missed the mark in a bad way when they did the heads. I think they may have been inspired by the 80s version of " The Thing", but epicly failed, in my own opinion.

That being said I went about my own idea of something better, and what I came up with was one large central head that looked vaguely rat like and then a couple little heads off to the side.

Hope you enjoy and please be careful driving out there on Halloween, I won't be the only one out there with my daughters trick or treating and I like for every little kid to have a happy and safe evening out there.


Unknown said...

Very nice. I love the paint job and that head is great too. I have really liked that model ever since it came out. Great work. The warpstone, spikes, and saddle/mechanical parts look great too.
Maybe I could make an abomination into a cronos.

AngryTurk said...

Hey do you still have your Silver Skulls Army?