Sunday, January 01, 2012

HAPPY NEW YEAR! For as long as it lasts

Howdy all and Happy New Year.

Lets hope the Mayans and Al Gore are wrong about the end of the world and a zombie Apocalypse. I would rather look forward to some great games and painting projects instead of the planets lining up and causing Cthulhu to wake up from his nap and devour everyone. Think positive happy thoughts people! Just sayin...

Suffice to say I have been ridiculously busy the last couple of months with work and real life. So much so I have not really had time to do anything hobby related.

However, I did get a little bit of a break right after Christmas, so I started to tackle a couple of projects. I began working again my the Valkya conversion about a year or more behind on. Not to mention the Kugath model which is over 2 years behind. Expect to see some progress on those over the next couple months.

One thing about me is I am really bad about being able to keep up with commissions. With the kids and their activities, work and my lovely wife who can't drive any more, my free time is really eaten up with getting where I or someone else needs to be. its not a big deal, it just takes time.

Still, a little bit of free time and a good podcast to listen too and I'm in hobby heaven. I have almost completed one of my Dark Eldar Venoms. I'm pretty pleased with the way things are turning out with them.

The Skull head is the helmet for the gunner on my venom. I like the look of them. I'll have a finished picture here before too long. Actually, I have one already finished up, just no pictures yet...

I also have picked up a bunch of Necron kits. I don't know exactly when I am going to get to them, since I am still working on my DE, but I have always loved the toasters and I am looking forward to getting them assembled and painted.

One goal I have for this year is to make back to games day to compete again. I have a couple of entries that are in various states of completion which I think will be solid entries. One is a squad of Exorcists Veterans, another is a Goblin Shaman and then there is a really nice looking Theoden single figure. I'm hoping this year I finally get a Gold Demon. A Slayer Sword would be nice too.

I'm also hopeful to go to Reapercon. I think that would be a lot of fun to go and compete, make a few friends and be in one of the premier painting contests in the US.

I'm also planning on heading back to BOLScon / Wargames con or whatever they want to name it this year. I have a lot of fun going and playing games for 3 days non stop. Its tiring, and I am pretty wiped out and can barely speak by the time I am headed back Sunday evening, but it is a lot of fun.

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Tim said...

I really like your Dark Eldar. I am about to embark on an army painting project myself and I will be unabashedly taking "inspiration" from you. Hope you don't mind. I wanted to know what colors you used on your venoms. Could you share that?