Friday, February 24, 2012

An Interesting trend

Howdy all.

Been crazy busy with work and travel so very very little in the way of updates. I am sure you all realize that already.

Anyway, I have noticed an interesting trend of late. I typically surf the blog sites for what is interesting or amusing to me in the wargame world.

One thing I have noticed more andmore of late, the last 3 or 4 months in particular, is the shift to Warmachine / Hordes. I myself have been building a Cryx and Legion army for playing, along with some flames of war brits. But it seems the rumors of 6th 40K, while interesting, or how the game has shifted and the prices along with it are affecting the gaming community at large.

Personally, I say the more the merrier, 40K is a great little game, but is by no means the end all be all, despite what GW may tell you. I'm also not going to bash GW. They do what they do, and other see an opportunity to capitalize. Some do, some don't. pretty much like everything else out there in the wargame and large market world for all things.

What I wonder, if this trend, if it really is one or my own mind seeing something that really isn't there, is due to a burnout on the current 5th edition, people hating Matt Ward, people hating annual price hikes, or just an older crowd looking for something new and interesting.

In my case, I want to get all my armies painted, but I want to expand into playing FOW and Warmahordes because it looks fun. I'm quite far from saying I am putting all my GW stuff on ebay, but I am just a wee bit burned out on hitting on 3s and wounding on 4s type of thing. Something completely different could be a nice break and rechareg my batteries for later in the year when I get to go to a few tournaments.

Currently, I am planning to go to Wargamescon in Austin, play in the Friday Warmachine blitz and then play in the 40K GT on Sat and Sunday. 3 days on non stop gaming so I can make the long drive back to Houston utterly exhausted with much to talk about.

Anyhoo, not much for updates at the moment, but I hope to have some new photos up in the next day or so.

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