Monday, August 03, 2015

Howdy. Seems there is a lot going on just when I have time to post.

Hello, been a long time.

But with life, the kids and wife, and all  that goes with having a home full of teenagers, some things just don't get the attention they deserve. 

As I am sure you are aware, this blog seems to have been one of those things. And you would be correct.

I have not giving up wargaming and painting, I just have not had the same time I used to. I sure all of you can relate to real life getting in the way for free time.

I would like to start by briefly discussing the new Warhammer Age of Sigmar. What are my thoughts and impressions of the game, how do the new minis look and how would I paint them. Which armies do I plan to work on? What I think is I don't think anything about. I am not even bothering to entertain trying it out. My thought about it is GW pretty much is a non-factor in my day to day gaming life. I still have a lot of 40K stuff, but I have done a decent job of clearing out my fantasy stuff, since I have not played since early 7th edition. In part with this is I have clearly gone for several years without even playing a game of WHFB, so at this point, why throw good money after bad?? Not that 40k is all that great now-a-days either, but I have a great set of gaming buddies and we have some incredible Apoc games, so the 40k stuff stays, the rest... I plan to keep my elves to play Kings of War, and probably what is left of my Skaven and undead. Rest is going to be traded or sold on an online market or maybe they will end up in China for repaint and resale. Who knows, but I have sold a lot of things to people in China. Weird...

One of my better trades is I managed to do a pretty decent trade at a local bitz bazaar at a local store, unloaded a lot of old Empire models, Dwarves I have had for almost 20 years and only managed to prime some of them, and a small skaven army along with lots of fanatsy odds and ends and came home with a significant increase in my wallet and a new ultramarines army. 

Its kind of weird really because I used to love Ultramarines way back in the day, think early nineties. But I got a divorce from my first wife and I kind of related Ultramarines to that time in my life and really had no desire to have anything to do with them. In fact, I stripped and repainted them as dark angels, sold it and then did another Dark Angels army, sold that one at a tournament, then did a third Dark Angels army, and sold that one as well. Yes, I do have enough marines and terminators to do a fourth Dark Angels army, but I have kind of held off.  I think I might want to hold on to this last set of models.

But I digress...So I now have a pretty well done Ultramarine army, and with a few more models it is pretty well rounded out.  The following is the actual army from a post online.

On my painting desk right now is a commission I am long past due on, a Lord of Skulls, and I also have a mix of Bolt Action Germans and some Warmachine Cryx models.

I am going to make a serious effort to post at least once a week on my progress with various things, maybe not all hobby related, but at least interesting to me.

One of those other interests in music. I love music and its still a big part of my life. My kids talked me into taking them to Warptour over the last few years. One of the bands I really liked is Icon for Hire. They are kind of a pop punk rock band with a unique style. This picture is from last years Warp Tour. Cool show, excellent band.

Until next time.


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