Friday, November 04, 2005

Fall is for all things Brown, Green and Gold

Howdy! For the Month of November I plan to start and complete my FOW british infantry army. It will consist of a couple of units of commandos, some armor and one great big unit of artillery. Currently I have 2 units of commandos, a boxed set of Biritsh rifes, a boxed set of Sherman IIIs. Today I will be going over to my local retailer, Little Wars, and pick up a couple of the Royal Artillery batterys consisting of (4 ) 25lb guns.

I hope to have a good infantry assault force supported by lots of powerful arty and armor. On my little forum I will post pictures and articles on how I did what I did until I figure out how to get a couple of pages here or else where to link to. But I think a forum is not a bad place as you can ask question there about my progress and I can respond.

I also plan to work on a couple of figures for an upcoming painting contest end of the month. Not sure what I am going to do yet, but I am leaning towards a Wood Elf noble and some kind of chaos figure for the single mini category. if I have time I want to do some dryads, but we shall see.

Pics of the figures coming later on today when I get home to post them.

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