Sunday, November 06, 2005

Howdy. This has been a busy weekend for me with lots of things happening. Saturday was the neighborhood garage sale so I helped my better half move things around for the big day. All in all it was pretty good,. We sold a lot of things we were going to throw out and it was nice to have someone else pay for our junk.

I got some of my Brits on popsicle stick ready to be primed. I also exchanged a lot of odds and ends and got my self a full FOW British rifel company. I am very excited to get these guys on the table, but I really want to do a nice job on them. There are so few figures that it should not be an issue with time spent per figure. If I am enjoying what I am doing, it can't be that much of a chore.

I also am working on my Wood Elves and Skaven for Warhammer Fantasy. I have a grand total of 1 dryad assembled and I am not sure I like one of the arms so I may remove it and get another one in its place. There is a painting contest coming up in a couple of weeks so I think I will do up my Wood Elf Standard Bearer for the contest. It is a nice looking figure and cool standards are always impressive.

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