Sunday, November 27, 2005

What a weekend!!

Howdy all. I hope everyone had a wonderful turkey day. I spent the day with my family and had a spectacular day eating, watching tv and just being around the family with nothing better to do than to watch my daughter try to crawl, play a game or two with my sons and just be a dad. Its kinda nice to take all the worries away for a day. It was time well spent.

Saturday, we went down to one of the GW stores here in town and played a game of epic. It wa lots of fun with my Tyranids trying to eat some tau. Came out in a draw, but what a fun game. In the evening I entered in a paintig contest and took first in 2 categories and best overall as well with the new LOTR Arwen figure. I was going to paint my woodelf standard, but when I saw this figure it just screamed to be painted. So I dropped the woodelf and did Arwen instead and she took best overall. I am rather proud of this as the competition was very good.

I'll post picture when I take one, right now I am still trying to recover from long hours spent on the figure and a day long game-a thon. But I will post of the Warhammer single I entered. It is an Empire Engineer.
I did him early this year and thought it would good to enter and see how it does. Turns out he won me best Warhammer single and for my trouble I won a limited Gimli on Uruk Hai. Its really a cool figure with Gimli the elf from LOTR sitting on a dead Uruk Hai with his axe stuck in its head and smoking on his pipe. Very cool.

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Gimli the Elf? :)