Sunday, November 13, 2005

For Thanksgiving Weekend Painting Contest

Howdy. I am getting my Wood elf ready for a Thanksgiving weekend painting contest. I have started with the limited Edition Standard included in the Wood Elf Army Box. I was lucky to even get the box a while back, but one of the fellows who preordered it backed out at the last minute and I was fortunate enough to be in the right place at the right time. So now I have Wood Elf army. Actually it is a pretty nice looking army. Figures are well sculpted and overall I like the look of it. The previous models were about butt ugly and even the treeman looked lame. Course, I think the new treeman is not much better, and the treekin look like somethin' even my dog would'nt wee on, but hey, some people like 'em. I'm just not one of them.

Anyway back to my original point. I have been working on my standard and have done a decent job of taking some pictures of the Work in Progress. I will post more of the WIP pics over in the forum where you can more easily ask questions about it if you have any. But for now, here is the start up picture. It's really not much to look at, but I am going for a late summer-early fall theme. To be honest I really can't decide which is a better way to go, so I am just going to paint the figure as it tells me to paint it. It's kind of hard to explain, but sometimes you see a figure and it just says to buy it and paint it. Even though you have no idea how to it should be painted, I find that if you look at it long enough, it just kind of comes to me and so off I go with no rhyme or reason, just doing what seems to work and then when it is all said and done, more often than not I have a really nice looking figure for my shelves.
I hope to have him done this week and begin my next figure for the contest. I'll keep updating over on the forum as I think weekly updates are better done here.
Oh and one more thing, I think tommorrow my report on a 54mm Gladiatorial figure I did will be up on The Miniatures Page. It is a decent article on how I painted up a figure provided by Alpha Miniatures for the reader of TMP. I think he is pretty good. Maybe not the best of all the entries, but at least good enough to feel good about. Be sure to go check it out. My write up on a Barbarian Warlord is already there and can be found here :

Lots of good articles hear for you all to read. Thanks!!

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